Creating a radical, accessible library

Tools used:

Google Apps, Adobe Creative Suite

Duration + type:

One Semester, class project

Project goals: 

Create an easy reference brochure for library accessibility

Skills applied: 

Graphic design, universal design thinking


The problem:

For class we needed to create a resource for our field related to disability studies. Accessibility is a subject that many librarians depend on a few specialists (official or unofficial) at their library to perform.

The results:

An easy reference brochure (and text only companion for screen readers) for library professionals who may be interested in learning more about ways they can become more accessible.

The team:

I worked with Audrey Huggett to assemble a reading list, complete research, and design the brochure. In addition to this class project, Audrey was my co-planner for RadLib which also focused on accessibility among other themes.

The class:

Cross-listed across many University of Michigan schools (Rackham, School of Education, School of Architecture, School of Social Work, Kinesiology, and the English Literature and Language Department) the course provided a graduate level conversation of the affordances of disabled being in the world.

The brochure:

The brochure is available as a pdf and a text only document.